One day: reflections on race

Endless night, relentless grinding. I maintain balance, stay upbeat and take care of my family the best I can. Like you, I have responsibilities but lockdown has slowed me down with unquenchable fatigue and the aftermath of this quarantine is an impending shock, longed-for yet unwanted, desired yet feared. Glimmers of hope hovering over the morass of our new normal,...

New Dan – Fantasy

This is a new project I am involved with, conscious reggae meets lo-fi and hip hop vibes. This has been supported by a few playlisters and bloggers out there. Hopefully the message can travel. Out now to stream on all major platforms.

Perspectives on Magic in City of Conspiracy

Perspectives on Magic in City of Conspiracy

Magic is an ever-present theme in mythology and religious writing. The sorcery employed by evil-doers is often contrasted with the inspired super-natural deeds of heroes. The hero of City of Conspiracy is ambivalent about magic, raised by a disgraced father driven to death his demons he has to come to terms with the disappearance of mysticism, the sublimation of magic...