Perspectives on Magic in City of Conspiracy

Perspectives on Magic in City of Conspiracy

Magic is an ever-present theme in mythology and religious writing. The sorcery employed by evil-doers is often contrasted with the inspired super-natural deeds of heroes. The hero of City of Conspiracy is ambivalent about magic, raised by a disgraced father driven to death his demons he has to come to terms with the disappearance of mysticism, the sublimation of magic by an oligarchic technocracy that pays lip service to the spirit but uses much more mundane means to achieve its aims.

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So, after the story begins with an initiation rite for the reader, we begin with Aleister Crowley’s definition of magic that idea of it being an internal creation of reality and force of will. As this story is in the second person, I aim to confront you with the idea that magic is more than you believe. I speak as an observer of phenomena, not a practitioner of the occult. As we dive deeper, helping, grasping opportunities, trying to fulfil desires, my aim is that you, dear readers, players and fellow travellers, embrace the irrational, unexplained and magical in the most fundamental aspects of life.

The fuel for the journey has been partly something innate in me but there has been a superpower guiding it, something akin to clairvoyance. I have vaulted countries, planets, galaxies and dimensions with the words I have written, and written events before they happened: a tragic tower-block fire symbolic of society’s ills, a social virus that can cause death spreading rampant through society and more. The final presentation has required me to dial back events that too closely rhyme with reality. I hope that this has still allowed me to be a master on the journey, smoothing out the kinks and crenellations of my nascent style and ham-fisted artifice to present the subjects that intrigue me with integrity.

The City of Conspiracy stories are an oulipo across multi-media. Constraints in form, budget and ambition and the ever-present spectre of fear, all push me daily to write, create, regurgitate a facsimile of this vivid, inscrutable world. This is more than t-shirts and hoodies bearing the legend and the logo of the project. I know it is provocative to acknowledge that the marketing of divisiveness sharpens consciousness but this seems to be a truth the right never forgets. There will be several opponents of the positions taken: the bigoted will deny, the rich will recoil, as will the poor, as will, so my masochistic inner Muse hopes, we all. The world is run by the hypocritical, the pathologically self-interested and greedy. The evil and inhumane are the targets and magic is one weapon we can use to defeat them.