Thumb Prints Of An Embittered Writer

Super Hero Jonny Virgo Saves Publishing From Itself

I’ve never fallen in love with docile and nice girls. There was a groupie from my musician days that was called the Witch who did the nasty in her best friend’s bed despite the fact her best friend had been trying to sleep with me for a couple of months, dutifully following our patchy rap […]

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South London Dad Chronicles

Boats, museums & sh*t

Our flat isn’t huge.  I mean I’m not complaining that two parents working twenty hour days, one of whom received a ransom load of inheritance from a generous ancestry, are only able to afford a smallish, comfortable space in Zone 2 of London.  That would be the ultimate in middle class problems and we all […]

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Writings on Race & Politics

That time I sang Gracie Fields songs to prove I was British

“Do you like Gracie Fields?” asked the Landlord of the Rut & Tumble. “Oh yes,” I said but more of that later. I have thrown a few job interviews in my time. I think if you haven’t done that by the time you are twenty-one, you probably will be an unqualified success in your chosen […]

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This is me after exiting the cave.  The cave is not a metaphor but a real place where most of my writing and research takes place.  The guiding light of my life has been the power of words and stories. My work is frustratingly varied and endlessly obsessed over.  I hope that you find something that stokes the flames of your imagination among these pixels.

Below is a taster of my debut poetry pamphlet ‘Sick Poet Tree’ available on Dope Creations.