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The Tragedy of the New Cross Fire

In 2011 there was an event to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the New Cross Fire, which was an event that lead to the deaths of 14 young black people in New Cross London. The event was an unveiling of a blue plaque by The Nubian Jak Community Trust to pay tribute to the fallen on the site. This documentary arose from the filming of that event in 2011.

The tragedy itself was originally, largely ignored by the Conservative UK government of the day. In a climate of racist attacks in the area, no senior minister offered condolences or sympathies to the families of the victims, as is customary in the aftermath of such a tragedy. The enquiries into the causes of the fire have proven unsatisfactory for many. However, 1981 was a flashpoint for race relations in the United Kingdom: riots and civil unrest occurred in the major urban areas, mass protests caught the attention of the mass-media in a pre-social media era. This tragedy was a catalyst for UK race relations moving forward at the time.

This documentary was commissioned by an independent individual but, unfortunately, we were unable to secure funds to cover an outside editor, which meant that I myself had to edit it. I currently have lots of black history footage that I will be putting out alongside my music on this channel and on my Facebook.

RIP to the fallen, salute and sympathy to the survivors. One love.

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Vonny Jirgo Releases The Healing – Dear Nigel Farage

This world is going to explode in a hail of smug deceptions.  Vonny Jirgo is a subconscious voice that calls out loud whenever there is injustice, like a superhero’s only real power is making minimum-viable songs while tipsy.  This is not activism.  This is raptivision.  Nigel Farage is a cunt.

Britain is divided and it’s time to change that. Brexit means Brexit and other meaningless slogans. In a hope of changing the way the political discourse is conducted pseudo-intellectual, raptivist and top chap, Vonny Jirgo is doing his bit. As you read this, he is travelling across the country rapping at people with differing political views with sole aim of making them see common ground. He should be given a knighthood or at very least access to chocolate biscuits.

Dear Nigel Farage is a homage to the hero of the Brexit movement.  Inspired by his supreme, smug, hypocritical cuntishness. A tongue-in-cheek exploration of this celebrated man’s choices and morals with a dope dub beat produced by Ed West. Vonny Jirgo has done his bit. The track is produced. What will you do?