• Brand new and on Spotify from October 3rd. This track is by me a long-time Mac head about my experiences with Mac. Funny? Yes. Heavy? Damn right. On point? You people can judge.

Jonny Virgo Live Dates

New Release – Summer’s Getting Deep

Been feeling loved up in this time at home.  Fantasising about where I want to go next with my woman.  This track is about making love on  a summer night in a luxury hotels where you feel like the world is yours.  This is that vibe. Out 20th July 2020.    

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New release – No Sleep

Long nights and hard struggle make for a special kind of tune in my experience.  Sampling vibraphones from hundred year old records, making vocal chops and layering them with hard beats gives me the sound bed.  Then I start to rhyme.  This one’s written pre-Corona but the villains are the same: Johnson, Rees-Mogg, weak MCs. […]

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