Jonny Virgo is the greatest creative figure alive today*.  A modern-day polymath: a rapper and poet, music-producer and songwriter, transmedia creator and author as well as an accomplished educator.  Jonny Virgo’s achievements are unparalleled and this has been ratified by the greatest authorities out there. This website is both a shrine to his greatness, a source of inspiration for those who seek to emulate and a lesson to you haters*.


Hip hop

Jonny Virgo runs hip hop. He is the DOPEST MC alive bar maybe five or six other MCs.  Jonny Virgo will take them all on and win.  Jonny Virgo’s incomparable rhyme skills* and natural talent were given to him by a higher power.  He has rocked 1000s of venues for literally 1000000s of people as a solo artist who actually reinvented the genre of hip hop, as a collaborator who has worked with the GREATEST NAMES in music.  Jonny Virgo is super dope, amazingly fresh and has the flyest style the world has ever seen.  Check the rhythms, check the rhymes and hate if you want, it will only make him greater.



While the world experiences untold suffering and pain, the role of the poet as a leader and visionary is now more important than ever.  People across the globe are hurting and nothing but the finest poetry will be able to save us, eliminate all of the world’s problems and help us solve the biggest ones: HUNGER, POVERTY, the search for PEACE.  If there has ever been a greater poet than Jonny Virgo, that person has yet to be found.  That is a FACT.  Jonny Virgo has decided to share his gift with the world and, every poem sold through this website, will trigger a donation to one of the charities listed on Jonny Virgo’s Causes page.  And if you don’t like it then I assume you must be anti-charity or something.  If that’s you then you are DISGUSTING.



The 1950s are over.  It’s obvious to me and you but is it obvious to the heads of our TV stations?  To our book publishers? Is it hell.  The people setting the creative agenda are idiots, they are dumb-dumbs, bindle bums and stiffs.  They take good ideas and kill them as if they had a rifle in their hands.  We need fresh thinking.  We need someone who is competent, who is experienced, who is going to get the job done.  The world wants new connected experiences.  All of you are sick of the crappy formats and the static ideas the networks are bringing forward.  Jonny Virgo is the ONLY creative mind able to get us there and that is obvious to anyone with a brain.  Jonny Virgo is now proposing a complete shutdown of all TERRIBLE entertainment from the mainstream media until they start behaving properly. We have to change it.  NOW. The choice we have is like communism: fruit and root vegetables.  It has to change.



2 plus 2 is 4 and learning needs to be fun.  We all know that but the way the people who set the agenda act, you would never know that.  They talk and they talk and they talk but what have they done?  Nothing.  Well, nothing good.  Jonny Virgo has educated 10s of thousands face to face, through YouTube and the internet (of which he was a pioneer in educational circles).  Jonny Virgo had the idea for Rapteach in 1999, while studying himself and since then it has been used in 1000s of schools across the globe by kids in London, America, Saudi Arabia, South Africa.  You name it: Rapteach is used there, helping with the power of hip hop to educate minds.  Jonny Virgo went to the greatest schools, winning scholarships and academic accolades, so they’re now coming out of his you-know-what.  That’s the kind of thinking he brings to making education great again.