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  • Brand new and on Spotify from October 3rd. This track is by me a long-time Mac head about my experiences with Mac. Funny? Yes. Heavy? Damn right. On point? You people can judge.
Jonny Virgo is a rapper and poet, music-producer and songwriter, transmedia creator and author as well as an accomplished educator.  Jonny  Virgo is a human that does things.  This website is both a showcase of his work, a source of inspiration for those who seek to emulate and a lesson to you haters*.

Super Hero Jonny Virgo Saves Publishing From Itself

I’ve never fallen in love with docile and nice girls. There was a groupie from my musician days that was called the Witch who did the nasty in her best friend’s bed despite the fact her best friend had been trying to sleep with me for a couple of months, dutifully following our patchy rap […]

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EastCast Show Extra – The Aftermath of The New Cross Fire

I produced this segment using some materials I collected while doing creating a documentary for Reggae TV that was never released. Background The New Cross Fire happened on Sunday 31st January 1981 and cost the lives of 14 young people and touched the lives of many more.  The fire happened at a house in on […]

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